The Engine Room

The Engine Room is where I waffle about writing. Mainly I update with progress reports (x many words today, this much editing, etc), but sometimes I let fly with personal observations on writing and storytelling. Of course, all those observations are only my opinion based on nothing more than personal experience, so whether they’ll get any mileage for anybody else is not guaranteed.

To enter The Engine Room, click here.

To get back to the main blog, follow the link provided at the top of the Engine Room. Yes, it would be simpler to have everything in the single blog, but I haven’t yet figured out a way to have two different pages I can send posts to, and I like having the shiny, clean announcements office separate to the dusty, grimy pit where I practice my art and hone my craft.

Of course, the plan is to set up a website soon and when that happens I’ll be able to have the two areas separate but in the same building. Until then, however, this will have to do 🙂

If you do dare to enter, you might want to put on some overalls and thick boots. And I hope you don’t mind getting engine grease on your face and beneath your fingernails and possibly elsewhere.

Have fun!

The Engine Room


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