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I lurves official announcements
November 20, 2009

Yep, thread title says it all, even though what i’m referring to may not quite qualify as an official announcement. But it’s still kewl!

John Klima of the award-winning Electric Velocipede has blogged about some of the stories EV has acquired during this submission period (yeah, i know that’s a long hyperlink, but that way nobody can miss it, right?).

And there, in the exact middle of the list–yes, i counted the rows–is lil ole me. Rather exciting, really. And some of those other titles (both poetry and fiction) look very intriguing.


Sale to Electric Velocipede
September 15, 2009

Very exciting news. Electric Velocipede has bought a story of mine entitled Pistols at Dawn Amongst the Evergreens. It’s slated to appear in an issue next year.

Now to update my bibliography…

Poetry sale
September 13, 2009

Had a poem accepted for The Terror Of Miskatonic Falls Anthology today. Not sure on the release date yet, but at this stage I’m thinking it’ll be sometime early next year. The title of the poem is mama sooner.

September 12, 2009

Hi there.

This blog is no longer active. The best place to catch me now is Hope to see you there soon!

Samuel Mae