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Website is alive
June 7, 2010

*cue maniacal laughter and partial hand clenching*

Yes: is alive. Mostly. Just need to get the contact page sorted out, but other than that, it’s a-go.

I’ve integrated both of these blogs into the website. Partially integrated. The new blogs are brand new, and i’ve sent over a couple or three posts from each of these ones to give them some meat to start off with.

So, from now on i won’t be posting on these pretty shores, but on the newly discovered asteroid belt that is

See y’all there!


Website in progress
June 1, 2010

Finally, after having talked about it to myself for eons, i have begun to build myself a website.

It’s not up yet, but will be soon, and once it is this blog and my other one ( will be redirected to appropriate pages on the site (or if not redirected then large links to the site will be left on the main pages).

The site is: (the .info domain name was on sale).